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The Dragonfly Mosquito System can be shipped anywhere in the world. As the system is light and compact, it is economical to ship and can be delivered worldwide within days.

Note about the electrical connection:
The Dragonfly II is shipped in compliance with the United States electricity standard (115 volts and 60Hz). It can be used, along with an adaptor, with 220 volts electricity.

Note about the CO2 connection:
Unless otherwise specified, the Dragonfly II is shipped with a
connection meeting the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) standards in the United States and in many countries throughout the world. We suggest that you verify that this is the standard in the country where you plan to use the system.

Note about Octenol and Conceal substances:
The Dragonfly Mosquito System, its components and all substances used have been registered with the appropriate agencies in the USA, the European Union and some Asian countries, such as Singapore and Malaysia. Many countries do not require registration. Buyers of the Dragonfly System in countries not listed above assume responsibility for compliance with local environment regulations. We will provide the necessary paperwork for custom approval (i.e. chemical description of substances used) upon receipt of your order.

Payments for international orders:
We accept wire transfers and credit card payments. For all international credit card payments, we request a faxed (or scanned emailed) authorization to debit the credit card, including legible copy of front and back of credit card, authorization of cardholder to conduct transaction and signature of cardholder. We suggest that you avoid providing your credit card information in unsecured email communication. Instead use our Secure Credit Card Order Form.

Please email us with your request, or use our on-line inquiry form. Be sure to include your full address, and we will quickly respond with a quotation and shipping time.

Customs and duty fees:
Please note that all customs and duty fees are the responsibility of the buyer.



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