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The Dragonfly System: One-Two Punch against Mosquitoes

Now you can win the MOSQUITO WAR

The Dragonfly Mosquito System® is a revolutionary mosquito control device. This breakthrough technology was developed in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture.

Protect yourself, your family and your pets from mosquitoes, no-see-ums, midges, sand flies, jiggers and other biting insects. This new technology is the most effective way to control mosquitoes and other biting insects.

The Dragonfly Mosquito System is designed to provide in-depth defense against mosquitoes. The system combines the Dragonfly II Insect Trap® and either two Mosquito 'Cognitos® or two Conceal® Candles. This one-two punch offers the most efficient and cost effective system on the market.

A one-two punch against biting insects.

The first line of defense is the Dragonfly II electronic biting insect trap, which draws biting insects away from you and kills them. To a mosquito, the Dragonfly II  looks like a shaved rabbit. It mimics the heat signature of potential preys and effectively attracts and kills only mosquitoes and other biting insects. The insects are drawn to the unit where they are vacuumed into a collection tray from which they cannot escape, and within a couple of hours they die of dehydration from the air passing over them.

Download the Dragonfly II
operating manual

Punch One: The Dragonfly

Punch one:
The Dragonfly II Trap

The second line of defense is the Conceal™ dispenser, either the Mosquito 'Cognito or the Conceal Candle. Both are dispensers of the patented mosquito inhibitor Conceal. They release Conceal, which blocks the scent-tracking ability of biting insects. Insects with a nose-full of Conceal cannot track down anything because their olfactory sense is impaired. If they cannot smell you, they cannot find you! 

Download the 'Cognito
operating manual

Mosquito 'Cognito

Punch two:
The Mosquito 'Cognito or Conceal candle

Used together following the instructions provided, the Dragonfly II electronic biting insect trap and the Conceal dispenser provide maximum effectiveness and ultimate protection against biting insects.

Step into the 21st Century today
with the Dragonfly Mosquito System!
And regain control of your backyard.

Find out much more about the Dragonfly II

In this age of increasing environmental awareness, the Dragonfly Mosquito system® is a sound alternative to the use of dangerous chemicals, harmful pesticides, ineffective bug zappers or messy repellents, for the control of mosquitoes. It is an attractive, environmentally friendly addition to any lawn, patio or pool area where mosquito reduction is a must. It is also quiet and easy to clean.

The effect of pesticides is temporary (2-4 hours), indiscriminate (they kill butterflies, lady bugs, moths, honey bees and other beneficial insects), and expensive (they need to be applied over and over). When used according to the directions supplied, the Dragonfly Mosquito System provides permanent and affordable protection for your family and pets from biting insects.

The Dragonfly II features a one year factory warranty on all parts and labor and a 30-day satisfaction or your money back guarantee. Very few competitors are sufficiently confident about their product to offer this type of warranty.
See return policy

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Phone: (832) 867-3838


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